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December 22, 2014
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#InAHyattWorld, Wi-Fi Will Be Free: Because You Just Need It

#InAHyattWorld, Wi-Fi will be free, for everyone. We listened to you and we know that when you’re looking for a hotel, you shouldn’t have to remember which brands or which locations give you free Wi-Fi and the various strings attached. It’s too complicated for something that has become as essential to a hotel stay as a comfortable bed or clean room.

Most of us cling to our smartphones as tightly as we might cling to our wallet. In fact, people say their smartphones are just as important to them as their car and more important than television or coffee. Connectivity is now an integral part of our daily lives!

So as of February 2015 (we are working on getting the technical pieces in order), no matter how you made your reservation or which of the more than 500 Hyatt hotels around the world you find yourself in, Wi-Fi in guest rooms and social spaces will be free on as many devices as you’d like.

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Longest Pizza in India

December 18, 2014
Food & Beverage, Hyatt Regency, Memorable Moments

A New Record for the Longest Pizza in India is Set

Before you continue, I must warn you… you will be craving pizza after reading this.

This week, around 100 Hyatt colleagues rolled up their sleeves to prepare India’s longest pizza. The event was held at Hyatt Regency Pune at its authentic Italian, home-style restaurant La Terrazza.

Longest Pizza in India 2

This enormous 6 by 60 feet-long pizza not only broke the record of being the longest pizza ever made in India, but it was also for a great cause. Hyatt Regency Pune concluded the event by inviting around 150 underprivileged children from local non-profit organizations to share in the excitement and eat pizza.

“Our chefs at La Terrazza Trattoria & Lounge are truly amazing and we wanted to celebrate the amazing meals they make through an event that is unique, fun, and involves the local community. Additionally, this was a great way for our team to get together and show our competitive and fun side. The current registered record for the longest pizza in India is approximately 16X5 feet long as per the Limca Book of Records and now we are proud to be the new record maker,” said Mohammad Labban, general manager of the hotel.

Longest Pizza in India

With this event, the hotel also launched the special seasonal menu at La Terrazza. The winter the menu consists of delicacies such as grilled salmon steak with balsamic roasted beets and warm artichokes, grilled tenderloin with potato-gorgonzola puree, asparagus and pepper sauce, and vegetable stufato (winter vegetable and beans stew with fresh baked focaccia).

If you’ve visited La Terrazza or are planning to do so in the near future, please share your experience with us.


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Around the World

December 15, 2014
Our People

Happy Holidays From Around the World

How do you celebrate the holiday season? We invited our hotels around the world to share with us some of their most beloved holiday traditions. From caroling to dressing up as famous villains, the activities are as diverse and unique as the colleagues who put these celebrations together. Read on to discover more about the fun holiday festivities occurring at Hyatt hotels across the globe.


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Grand Hyatt  Santiago Tree - 2014

December 11, 2014
Art & Design, Grand Hyatt, Memorable Moments

‘Tis the Season to Smile

With over 550 hotels in 47 countries, Hyatt celebrates many traditions and holidays – each in a unique way. One of our favorites is Grand Hyatt Santiago’s annual “themed” Christmas tree. Every year, the festive tree is decorated with a different theme in mind, and this year the theme is “Smiles of the World.” The idea was chosen with the intent to raise awareness about recycling and social inclusion.

Grand Hyatt  Santiago Tree - 2014

With the help of local celebrities, educational nonprofit organizations and our colleagues, the 16-meter (over 52 feet) tall tree is adorned with 3,000 recycled cardboard stars featuring pictures of smiling colleagues from around the world, as well as the smiling faces of friends, family and students from Colegio El Golf, a school that supports girls with cognitive disabilities.

What countries are represented on this year’s tree, you ask? Colleagues from Argentina, Mexico, and the U.S. sent in pictures, along with Hyatt family members in France, India, Japan, Jordan and Turkey (to name a few). In addition to representing different ethnicities, customs and cultures worldwide, each ornament on the tree also reflects the tree’s main concept: a smile is universal.

The Christmas tree initiative was spearheaded by Chilean artist Mariana Kaplún, well known for her style and creativity in using recycled items.

“This project not only addresses sustainability and invites us to create different elements by recycling, but also shows social inclusion and the importance of every person in society, which is reflected through smiles, the common language of all people,” explained Mariana Kaplún.

The Christmas tree is one of the biggest in the country and will remain standing until early January 2015. If you’re in Santiago anytime soon, make sure to visit the hotel and share what you think about the tree.

Grand Hyatt Santiago Christmas Tree - 2014 BGrand Hyatt Santiago Christmas Tree - 2014 C


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Around the World

December 9, 2014
Our People

Around the World: Meet Hyatt’s Housekeepers

Hyatt’s housekeepers often work behind the scenes, but their roles can’t be understated in setting the stage for a completely comfortable and welcoming guest stay. Their day-to-day duties are way more than making the beds, cleaning the bathroom and dusting the nightstands. Read on as we raise the curtain and put the spotlight on Hyatt’s housekeepers…

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Park Hyatt Beaver Creek fireplace_v1

December 8, 2014
Family Travel, Park Hyatt, Travel Tips

Hidden Holiday Treasures: 25 Days of Giveaways at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa

The spirit of giving is alive and well at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa. The resort has holiday fever for its 25th anniversary, and it has begun giving away 25 fabulous gifts, one each day, between December 1 and Christmas Day. It’s Park Hyatt Beaver Creek’s little way of saying “thank you” to the guests and community at large that have made the renowned luxury Colorado mountain resort into a truly world-class destination over the last quarter century.

But the resort isn’t just handing out these gifts at the front desk – where’s the fun in that?

Put your Sherlock Holmes hat on. Each day, guests should check Twitter and Facebook for clues that will lead them to the gifts, hidden in unexpected spots throughout the property and Beaver Creek Village. It’s a good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt, albeit one with some serious payoffs waiting for you. 

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December 5, 2014
Hyatt Thrive

#GivingTuesday Makes a BIG Impact & Hyatt Community Grant Winners Are Celebrated Around the World

Before our week of giving back concludes, I want to take a moment to reflect on all the momentum raised on #GivingTuesday and to thank our colleagues, community partners and friends who helped bring awareness to the importance of supporting our local nonprofits.

We were thrilled to see so many organizations and individuals take a stand on #GivingTuesday and share the powerful message on their social channels. All in all, we counted more than 350 posts on #GivingTuesday about our community grant winners and we are thrilled that so many people took action to share these great stories with their networks. Based on our analytics, it’s estimated that our potential reach on #GivingTuesday was over 260,000 with over 2.0 potential impressions too! Also, if you haven’t caught it already, check out what our Global Head of Corporate Responsibility Brigitta Witt has to say about why companies should care about #GivingTuesday here.

As we round out the week, I want to bring attention to our final grant winners and highlight their great work in our local communities around the world.

  • Grand Hyatt Istanbul in Turkey will award a Hyatt Community Grant to Koruncuk Foundation, which is a nonprofit orphanage that provides shelter, care, and education to 120 children in its various facilities or “villages.” The Hyatt Community Grant will sponsor the creation of a “Grant Hyatt Art Academy”. The foundation believes that children’s development relies not only on receiving basic needs such as food and shelter, but should also include activities that stimulate their self-esteem and provide them with a creative outlet. The academy would allow the children to express their creativity through various artistic platforms such as theater, handcrafts, sculpting, and painting.Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.22.01 PM
  • Grand Hyatt Shanghai will award a grant to the Shanghai Charity Foundation’s Education Fund. The Education Fund provides financial support to low-income and high-performing students in Shanghai’s Pudong District. The grant will specifically support high school and college students with $500 per year for three years to cover expenses for school tuition and basic needs.CIMG2042.jpg
  • Hyatt Place Hampi in India will award a grant to The Akshaya Patra Foundation, which fights hunger and malnutrition. The organization provides school lunches to 1.4 million children in 23 locations across 10 states in India. While the hotel is still new to the community, the team has volunteered in the foundation’s kitchen to help prepare the meals for students. The grant would provide lunches to 1,500 children for one year. For many of these children these lunches will be their only meal of the day. Because of the foundation’s meals, school enrollment, attendance, and performance have increased significantly in all the locations that it serves. Overall attendance increased by 12 percent and dropout rates decreased from 18 percent to 8 percent. Akshaya Patra’s unique model has been recognized internationally and received several accolades. In July 2014, President Bill Clinton visited the foundation during an official visit and, in 2007, the foundation’s school meal program was featured in a Harvard Business Review case study._01_3512
  • At Hyatt Regency Dallas in Texas, their local Women@hyatt chapter, one of Hyatt’s business resource groups for colleagues, nominated Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas for a grant award. Hyatt colleagues volunteer each month assisting with homework help, workshops and mock career fairs. The mission of Girls Inc. is to inspire girls from age 6 to 18 to become strong, smart, bold, and independent adults. The grant will support the organization’s research-based after-school and summer programs to help girls navigate gender, economic, and social barriers.Volunteering at Kids Inc
  • Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf in Germany will award a grant to Children’s Hospice Dusseldorf (Kinderhospiz Regenbogenland). The hospice provides respite and end-of-life care for children with incurable and life-limiting illnesses and their families. The hotel team has worked with this organization since 2011 by hosting various fundraisers. The grant will help refurbish the hospice’s seven bedrooms, which are now ten years old and in disrepair. More specifically, the grant will be used to buy new cabinets, wardrobes, and other pieces for furniture. The hospice can serve up to eight families at a time, hosting a total of 260 families over the course of a year.Regenbogenland Day of open Doors 2014
  • Hyatt Regency Gurgaon in India will provide a grant to Gaurav Niketan Trust, a small school that provides free education to underpriveldged children the age of 2 and 13. The students come from families of migrant workers who work on construction sites around Gurgaon, earning less than $35 per month. The school originated as an open-air “school in the street” and still has only the most basic infrastructure for the students, who would otherwise not attend school at all. At the school, the students learn English, math, social studies, and science. The grant will provide basic amenities, improve the current facilities, and provide scholarships for the oldest students so that they can continue to pursue their education. The school currently serves 200 students and the hotel team has been actively engaged since learn about the school. They have hosted several events for the students, volunteers have taught classes to students, and the hotel team even helped install a cement floor for the school prior to the monsoon season.Picture2
  • The team at Hyatt Regency Jersey City in New Jersey will award a grant to to build a garden at a local charter school. The team has already raised $7,400 on their own and the additional funds will help them reach their fundraising goal. is a program run by the National Gardening Association (NGA). Every year the organization provides 300 funding opportunities to schools, nonprofits, and communities to build and grow their own gardens. Since its creation, the program helped 10,000 schools and community-based organizations. The garden will be installed in Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School, which is ten minutes away from the Hyatt property and serves students in a neighborhood where the poverty rate is double the average of the state and the median income is significantly lower than the state average of $30,000 per year.    KG-Brooklyn-Fall2014 (3)
  • The team at Park Hyatt Zanzibar in Tanzania will open its doors to the community before opening to guests in 2015! They are awarding a grant to The Creative Education Foundation of Zanzibar (CEFZ), a school that provides quality education to orphans and low-income, at-risk children. While Zanzibar has a flourishing tourism industry, few Zanzibaris have the skills to work in the industry. The school hopes to bridge that gap and offer Zanzibari children a chance to secure highly skilled, well-paid jobs in the future. One of the school’s main goals is to teach English to its children; thus the grant will allow CEFZ to hire an English teacher who would oversee the curriculum and serve as a trainer and mentor to other teachers.  Alternative One



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December 4, 2014
Hyatt Thrive

#GivingTuesday May Be Over, but the Spirit of Giving Back Lives On!

While #GivingTuesday is now behind us, the spirit of this social movement continues to live on through the thousands of people that took action to demonstrate the importance of giving back to our communities!

We were thrilled and humbled by the outpouring of our colleagues, community partners and friends who celebrated #GivingTuesday and our 31 Hyatt Community Grant winners several days ago. It was our goal to leverage #GivingTuesday to amplify the outstanding work of our 31 grant winners and to demonstrate that small acts of kindness in our communities around the world can lead to real global impact!

Throughout the week, we will continue to share the inspiring stories of our grantees and today I am thrilled to highlight the following winners:

  • Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Georgia is awarding a grant to Camp Twin Lakes, an organization that provides week-long summer camps and year-round weekend retreats for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges. The team at Grand Hyatt has partnered with CTL for the past five years by preparing the camp before the main season and helping with activities such as crafts, archery, fishing, and ropes courses while the campers are there. The hotel’s general manager is also on the board of Buckhead Hotel Council, which works closely with Camp Twin Lakes to raise funds. The Hyatt Community Grant will fund scholarships for 12 campers to be able to attend the camp.CampTwinLakes 1
  • Grand Hyatt Beijing, Park Hyatt Beijing and the Beijing Corporate Office in China are teaming up together to award a grant to China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Together, this mighty team will work to build libraries in two schools in Beijing. The libraries will include everything from books, shelves, desks, chairs and even lighting and the Hyatt team will play a hands-on role throughout the process.R0011964
  • Grand Hyatt Melbourne in Australia is thrilled to award a grant to their partner, Melbourne City Mission to support their Academy Program, which reconnects youth (ages 15 to 25) who are disengaged from education to schooling. At the academy, youth who have had a long absence from education can find a supportive and flexible environment to learn and grow through accredited vocational training. The grant would specifically be used to support programs in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, where some of the most disadvantaged suburbs in Victoria are located and where the youth unemployment rate is highest.
  • Hyatt Bangalore in India will award a grant to the Ashwini Charitable Trust, a community organization that educates and empowers underprivileged children in and around the slums of the Ulsoor neighborhood in Bangalore. The Trust aims to support the children until they are fully-employed and independent. The grant will specifically cover the costs of education and basic needs for 45 children. In addition to paying the students’ educational fees, it will provide various services including vaccination, financial counseling, mentoring, and computer classes.
  • The team at Hyatt Regency Hua Hin in Thailand is thrilled to award a grant to Baan Wang Pla School. The elementary school provides free education to underprivileged students in the Pranburi Dam area where many families cannot afford to send their children to school because of transportation costs and school fees. The hotel team has been supporting the school for the past three years. Associates volunteer at the school once a month, teaching English, arts, and other subjects to the children. The property also donates food and supplies to the school. The grant will help to fund the purchase and installment of a new solar-powered electricity system which will allow students to use computers.Baan Wang Pla 1
  • Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minnesota will award a grant to Youth Farm, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that educates and trains youth through farming, cooking, and distributing food. During YF’s summer program, youth from ages 9 to 24 spend three days a week farming, distributing produce to low-income families, participating in leadership activities, and cooking. All YF programming is free and offered in racially, ethnically, and economically diverse neighborhoods across Minneapolis. In the past two years, associates of the hotel have helped prepare the farm sites for the summer program and hosted 12 participants for a day in the Hyatt kitchen. The property plans to expand its partnership with YF in the future by becoming a YF urban rooftop site and hosting chef table events using the ingredients that are grown on the property.Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.16.46 PM
  • Hyatt Regency Mumbai in India will award a grant to St. Catherine’s Home, a shelter for women and children. The organization serves unmarried women, orphans, and vulnerable children. At the home, women and children can find a safe and welcoming space where they can grow, learn, and find dignity. The organization offers a wide variety of services including vocational and professional courses, mental health support, and medical care. The Hyatt grant will fund some of the shelter’s educational initiatives such as computer, nursing, and graphic design classes.
  • Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa will award a grant to Ningbo Damin School, a school for children with mental disabilities. The school offers a nine-year curriculum that teaches students work and interpersonal skills. In addition to teaching children fundamental skills and building their confidence, the school’s ultimate long-term goal is to teach students the skills to find jobs and be self-sufficient after they graduate. Typically, these students will go on to work in hotels, supermarkets, and factories. Not all the students who attend the school are able to obtain jobs upon graduation but, on average, about 60 percent of them transition into the job market. The grant will help fund the creation of a bakery lab for the students. The school already provides bakery classes and noticed that students have a strong interest in this area. With the lab, students will have access to all the tools and resources they need to learn baking techniques.

To see all our grant winners and check out the social action from #GivingTuesday, visit


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