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September 30, 2013
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A Note from our Chief Marketing Officer: What We Learned During the World’s Largest Focus Group

Last week, we hosted the World’s Largest Focus Group across our social channels, with some offline elements as well. I, along with Hyatt’s executive team, am thrilled with the feedback and creativity of those who participated, and I sincerely thank you for spending time with us and sharing your feedback about your own travel experiences.

I want to assure you that your time was well spent and I am holding myself personally accountable to ensure that something comes of the feedback we’€™ve received. We are committed to listening to guests in a different way -€“ you see, it’s not enough for us to just know what you want or need. We want to understand the “€œwhy”€ behind your wants and needs so we can understand the real issue, not just give you another “€œthing.”

After reviewing the responses, we’€™ve got a list of things to discuss with our internal teams. But we don’€™t want the feedback to stop here. I am committed to providing regular updates to you on our progress against the opportunities we’€™ve identified below and in return, I only ask that you continue to tell us how we can make your stay better through whatever communication medium works best for you.

I look forward to getting back to you all with an update and please let us know if there’€™s anything you’d like to add to our list.


  • Business travelers told us that finding interesting local cuisine is one of the best parts of their trip. We are brainstorming ways to help connect business travelers with the best cities have to offer.
  • Many of you try to stick to your routines while on the road. We’€™ve already introduced some changes to help maintain that momentum, but what else can we do?


  • We heard from women that they do the majority of packing for family vacations. From our previous research, we know that women are less likely to ask for things so how can we expand the Hyatt Has It program to cover frequently forgotten items in vacation destinations.


  • A few people expressed interest in having the ability to select their guest room online – we are looking into what would be involved to add that technology into our systems.
  • So many of you are using review sites to build your own experiences so we’€™re starting to discuss what the role of the concierge of the future should be.
  •  Getting that right photo for your social channels is important so we want to know more about how we can help you do that.


Hyatt Gold Passport members asked if they could utilize their food and beverage welcome amenity in the lobby rather than only in their guest room – we’€™ve got Jeff Zidell working on it!

– John Wallis

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