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Kanakara Markar

Kanakara Markar

Corporate Communications

Kanakara joined Hyatt’s corporate communications team in February of 2014. She is excited to be a part of an amazing company and an awesome team. She is new to the Chicago area and loves the city’s charm (who wouldn't love the architecture, the food and the people in Chicago!). In her spare time, Kanakara loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, traveling, being adventurous (skydiving being her recent example), meeting people and learning about different cultures.

Longest Pizza in India

December 18, 2014
Food & Beverage, Hyatt Regency, Memorable Moments

A New Record for the Longest Pizza in India is Set

Before you continue, I must warn you… you will be craving pizza after reading this.

This week, around 100 Hyatt colleagues rolled up their sleeves to prepare India’s longest pizza. The event was held at Hyatt Regency Pune at its authentic Italian, home-style restaurant La Terrazza.

Longest Pizza in India 2

This enormous 6 by 60 feet-long pizza not only broke the record of being the longest pizza ever made in India, but it was also for a great cause. Hyatt Regency Pune concluded the event by inviting around 150 underprivileged children from local non-profit organizations to share in the excitement and eat pizza.

“Our chefs at La Terrazza Trattoria & Lounge are truly amazing and we wanted to celebrate the amazing meals they make through an event that is unique, fun, and involves the local community. Additionally, this was a great way for our team to get together and show our competitive and fun side. The current registered record for the longest pizza in India is approximately 16X5 feet long as per the Limca Book of Records and now we are proud to be the new record maker,” said Mohammad Labban, general manager of the hotel.

Longest Pizza in India

With this event, the hotel also launched the special seasonal menu at La Terrazza. The winter the menu consists of delicacies such as grilled salmon steak with balsamic roasted beets and warm artichokes, grilled tenderloin with potato-gorgonzola puree, asparagus and pepper sauce, and vegetable stufato (winter vegetable and beans stew with fresh baked focaccia).

If you’ve visited La Terrazza or are planning to do so in the near future, please share your experience with us.


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Grand Hyatt  Santiago Tree - 2014

December 11, 2014
Art & Design, Grand Hyatt, Memorable Moments

‘Tis the Season to Smile

With over 550 hotels in 47 countries, Hyatt celebrates many traditions and holidays – each in a unique way. One of our favorites is Grand Hyatt Santiago’s annual “themed” Christmas tree. Every year, the festive tree is decorated with a different theme in mind, and this year the theme is “Smiles of the World.” The idea was chosen with the intent to raise awareness about recycling and social inclusion.

Grand Hyatt  Santiago Tree - 2014

With the help of local celebrities, educational nonprofit organizations and our colleagues, the 16-meter (over 52 feet) tall tree is adorned with 3,000 recycled cardboard stars featuring pictures of smiling colleagues from around the world, as well as the smiling faces of friends, family and students from Colegio El Golf, a school that supports girls with cognitive disabilities.

What countries are represented on this year’s tree, you ask? Colleagues from Argentina, Mexico, and the U.S. sent in pictures, along with Hyatt family members in France, India, Japan, Jordan and Turkey (to name a few). In addition to representing different ethnicities, customs and cultures worldwide, each ornament on the tree also reflects the tree’s main concept: a smile is universal.

The Christmas tree initiative was spearheaded by Chilean artist Mariana Kaplún, well known for her style and creativity in using recycled items.

“This project not only addresses sustainability and invites us to create different elements by recycling, but also shows social inclusion and the importance of every person in society, which is reflected through smiles, the common language of all people,” explained Mariana Kaplún.

The Christmas tree is one of the biggest in the country and will remain standing until early January 2015. If you’re in Santiago anytime soon, make sure to visit the hotel and share what you think about the tree.

Grand Hyatt Santiago Christmas Tree - 2014 BGrand Hyatt Santiago Christmas Tree - 2014 C


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Around the World

December 9, 2014
Our People

Around the World: Meet Hyatt’s Housekeepers

Hyatt’s housekeepers often work behind the scenes, but their roles can’t be understated in setting the stage for a completely comfortable and welcoming guest stay. Their day-to-day duties are way more than making the beds, cleaning the bathroom and dusting the nightstands. Read on as we raise the curtain and put the spotlight on Hyatt’s housekeepers…

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Culinary Challenge in India

November 26, 2014
Food & Beverage, Hyatt Thrive, Our People

Culinary Competition in India Cooks Up Smiles through #CookWithHyatt

What’s better than cooking (and eating!) amazing cuisine AND investing in the community at the same time? For the first time ever, Hyatt hotels in India hosted a culinary challenge in partnership with SMILE Foundation, a nonprofit organization in India dedicated to benefiting underprivileged children, youth and women in the areas of education, healthcare, livelihood and empowerment.

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Top three finalists (from left to right): Executive Sous Chef Matthew Garelick, Chef De Cuisine Rodney Ashley, Executive Sous Chef Patrick Mohn

November 13, 2014
Food & Beverage, Our People

Competition Heats Up in Hawaii: First Ever The Good Taste Series Winner Announced

We just wrapped up the first-ever The Good Taste Series – competitive culinary events among Hyatt’s junior chefs – with an amazing backdrop of Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort and Spa. And the culinary creativity against the Hawaiian sunset was unmatched!

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Around the World

October 15, 2014
Our People

Around the World: A Warm Hyatt Welcome is Waiting

Welcoming guests, opening the door of the car and hotel, assisting with carrying the luggage — these are only few of the duties of a doorman. It’s much more than this, of course. At Hyatt, it’s our doormen’s welcoming smile that makes all the difference.

We’re proud to feature some of Hyatt’s most caring doormen around the world. We welcome you to explore the unique characteristics of our colleagues in their different cultures and show you firsthand why they love what they do.

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Hyatt’s Commitment to Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

August 21, 2014
Food & Beverage, Hyatt Thrive

Thrive Thursday: Hyatt’s Commitment to Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

Did you know that roughly 3 billion people around the world rely on seafood as their primary source of protein? Or that more than 85 percent of marine fish stocks are considered either fully exploited or overfished, and more than 1 in 5 fisheries has collapsed? With this harsh reality, sustainable management of marine resources is more and more important. Hyatt is working hand-in-hand with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a leading global conservation organization, to enhance our sustainable seafood sourcing and helping us to eliminate the procurement of highly vulnerable species.

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The Nature of Artifice - Header Image

August 1, 2014
Art & Design, Hyatt

Exclusive Art Installation at Hyatt Union Square New York

Any season is a good time to visit New York City, but summer is particularly an ideal time to soak up the sun and culture in the Big Apple. From amazing festivals to free concerts, theater and comedy shows, there is always something happening in the city that never sleeps. And now, adding to the list, is the new art installation at Hyatt Union Square New York.

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