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Erica and Irene

May 13, 2014
Our People

Celebrating Families at Hyatt in Honor of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was celebrated in dozens of countries around the world this past weekend, and Keyed Into Hyatt wants to salute all of the mother-daughter and mother-son teams who work at Hyatt hotels around the globe. Their stories are inspiring and a reminder of the strength of the Hyatt family!

Today’s spotlight is about Irene Martinez and her daughter Erica Gutierrez, both of whom work at Hyatt Regency Dallas.

Irene’s Story

Irene Martinez began her career in hospitality at the former Amfac hotel in Dallas and joined the Hyatt team when the hotel was reflagged as Hyatt Regency DFW in the early 1980’s. She decided to stay with the newly flagged Hyatt hotel because Hyatt honored her length of service. She said this seemed a good sign that her new employer was considerate of their new employees.

Irene’s sister, Maria, was working at the hotel too as a room attendant and encouraged Irene to be a room attendant as well. Irene and her sister then convinced their other sister Emma to join them at Hyatt, and she did. All three sisters are still employed by Hyatt today.

In 2001, Irene transferred to Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion as a housekeeping house person, and six months later, she was promoted to a housekeeping lead responsible for training new room attendants and inspecting guest rooms. Professional growth opportunities was one of the reasons Irene says she loves working for Hyatt.

Irene can remember back to when her precious daughter Erica was in the fourth grade and attended “Take Your Daughter to Work” say at Hyatt Regency Dallas. At the conclusion of the event, the general manager presented a gift to all the daughters and said that they were the future of Hyatt. In this case, it couldn’t have been more true.

Fast-forward a few years … Erica’s Story

Erica was in high school and with a rigorous schedule that starts at 4:30am. She had morning swim class, academic classes, and practiced with the cross-country team, tennis team, and band — all before her part-time job (yes ,at the Hyatt Regency Dallas) in housekeeping. She had convinced her mother that she wanted to work where her mom was working – the same place her mom took her many years earlier. Despite her busy schedule, Erica was so excited when she began working at Hyatt. Irene recalls that she never had to wake Erica up, and Erica didn’t even use an alarm clock.

Today, Erica’s energy and enthusiasm for life and learning continue. She eventually became a full-time employee and transferred to reservations, and when needed, would also work at the front office. She was then promoted to reservations supervisor, next to assistant reservations manager and most recently, assistant front office manager.

So what’s the best thing about working at Hyatt? Erica said its the people – the interactions, learning opportunities, and the family culture – everyone is approachable and everyone is a learning resource. Irene proudly said it’s that she gets to see first-hand how Erica has grown personally and professionally and earned a reputation of being mature and responsible, well beyond her years.

Erica said she has two Moms, her “Mom Mom” who is loving, caring and always supportive, and her “Business Mom” who knows no favorites and expects her to be independent, focused, responsible and deliver results without exception.

Both Irene and Erica are passionate about pleasing the hotel’s guests. They are inspired by putting themselves in the guest’s shoes, always wanting to make a favorable impact on our guests and bring smiles to their faces.

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