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February 10, 2014
Memorable Moments

High Schoolers Give Impromptu Atrium Performance of Star Spangled Banner

Guests of Hyatt Regency Louisville received a very special treat Thursday night! High school students attending the Kentucky Music Educators Association’s annual professional development conference gave an impromptu performance of the United States’ National Anthem to mark the commencement of the events in Sochi. It’s amazing what an atrium hotel design allows!

The conference, which has been held at the hotel since its opening in 1978, is known for its ‘late night’ public performances. Guests are informed of the signing in advance, and according to the hotel’s General Manager, Donna Marquez, many guests set their alarms for 11 p.m. so they don’t miss the experience. This particular performance was caught on video and became popular quite quickly! The hotel received calls from local and national news producers, and at the time of this blog post, the video has been viewed more than 220,000 times!

An evening hotel performance is a tradition passed down by students every year — the hotel and association staff are not involved. It starts with one student coming out of his or her guestroom humming, to begin the performance on the correct key. Fellow students join, and sing the song from all 18-guest floors at one time. These can happen each night of the conference, and will begin at various times, based on the conference schedule. It’s typically a few hours before the students go back to their rooms to sleep.

The entire hotel staff is so excited to witness to this performance each year and receive such recognition.

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