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Martha Stewart and American Made Help Hyatt House Guests Travel Like Locals

October 26, 2013
Hyatt House

Martha Stewart and American Made Help Hyatt House Guests Travel Like Locals

When you’€™re planning to stay somewhere for a while, you want to feel at home. Few know that better than our HYATT house colleagues, where they encourage you to get to know the local neighborhood. 

That’s why HYATT house recently teamed up with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to help travelers and local residents support neighborhood businesses and craftsmen through the annual “American Made”€ program. Earlier this month, the American Made Marketplace featured a special HYATT house Travel Tips and Tools workshop from Martha Stewart herself andGadling travel blogger and Wanderplex founder Reena Ganga.

From packing a wrinkle-free suitcase to traveling like a local, watch the video for tips on traveling like a local from Martha and Reena:

All the action happened right in the middle of New York City’€™s busy Grand Central Terminal – the perfect place for Chris Walker, vice president of brands for HYATT house, to announce the brand’€s first New York City location coming to Chelsea in 2015!

Walker and Stewart

Walker and Stewart

Walker and Stewart preparing for a packing competition in Grand Central Terminal. Photo Credits: Diana Liao

Plus, thanks to the expertise of Martha Stewart Living editors, guests of more than 20 HYATT house hotels will have access to curated recommendations of ‘€˜off-the-beaten-path’ places to eat, shop and visit. Make sure to check out the lists on your next stay!

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