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Richard Morgan and crew

January 21, 2014
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All You Need for Navigating New York City

Long-time Hyatt veteran Richard Morgan moved from Hyatt’s headquarters in Chicago back to his native east coast to serve as the newly opened Hyatt Times Square New York‘s general manager. When I chatted with him before the hotel’s opening, he told me that there are few things more exciting to him than the hard work and hustle of getting ready to open a hotel – particularly one in New York City.

“The making of a hotel, from rubble to fifty-four stories, brings together countless individuals and countless hours to produce what we now call Hyatt Times Square. With a location in the heart of the action that will play a leading role in neighborhood life, the work couldn’t be any more energizing,” he said. “Thanks to the dedication of many, many people who have been a part of our pre-opening team, the hotel now shines with all the sophisticated excitements of the city like the quintessential New York star that it is.”

Whether you’re a New York City local, new in town, or just visiting… here are few tips – straight from Richard himself – to help you navigate the city:

  1. The best bagel and schmeear (that’s slang for bagel and cream cheese) is right down the street at Jimmy’s Express. Tell Jimmy that Richard sent you!

    Jimmy's Cafe Express

    Jimmy’s Cafe Express

  2. The best slice (that’s slang for slice of pizza) on the east side only costs $0.99! This gem is too good of a deal to share. So when you’re in NY, just ask me and we’ll go together.
  3. BMW – no, not the car! That’s how you can remember the bridges. Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg. Those will take you from Manhattan over the east river.
  4. GO WEST, YOUNG MAN. You know that ODD saying. That’s right. All the odd number streets go west. The even numbered streets go east.
  5. Here’s another useful acronym: LPM (and also my wife’s initials!). To best remember the avenues, think LPM which stands for: Lexington, Park, Madison
  6. The “S” subway line doesn’t stand for subway. It stands for “shuttle,” and it is the shortest line in all of the NYC subway system; running between Times Square and Grand Central station.

Wise words from a wise New Yorker. Happy travels in The Big Apple!

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