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July 11, 2013
Food & Beverage

New Tumblr Shares Culinary Inspiration from Hyatt F&B Experts Worldwide

While Hyatt’s headquarters might not be in Silicon Valley, there are some things we have in common with the United States’ technology and start-up hub. For starters, we don’t leave the creativity and collaboration to companies like Facebook.

That’s why Hyatt’s very own Director of Digital Strategy Dan Moriarty set to hosting regular “Hyatt-a-thon”s, similar to Hack-a-thons often held by computer programmers, to solve company problems at hand and create something. With a little pizza, beer and after-hours brainpower, Corporate Office associates have found these gatherings to be great ways to brainstorm bigger and better ideas collectively, and have a little fun, too. One key to success? An open-source playlist.

After the first successful Hyatt-a-thon (which lasted until after midnight!), Hyatt’s Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage Operations Achim Lenders approached the fearless Hyatt-a-thon leader for another round to find a way for Hyatt F&B folks to showcase their culinary skills and collaborate. The team rose to the occasion. In a matter of days, a group of more than 30 people – from chefs to marketers to designers to hotel operators – gathered together to offer their own ideas and build on others.



Drawing on Stanford’s Design Thinking process that Hyatt employs for rapid innovation, the room quickly filled with hundreds of Post-its, each representing great ideas!

Finally, the team narrowed it all down to a grid- or tile-based platform that allowed for filtering of content based on content type, location or individual chef. In true prototype and test fashion, the Eat Drink Think Go Tumblr was born in a few short weeks!


Hyatt associates from our food and beverage teams around the world are now sharing their inspiration, new dishes and favorite things on our new Tumblr account. Check it out to find your own inspiration or just for a mid-afternoon mouthwatering session. It’s foodie heaven!

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