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Hyatt Thrive Leadership Awards

May 15, 2014
Hyatt Thrive

Thrive Thursday: Announcing Hyatt Thrive Leadership Awards

We recently celebrated our annual awards season at Hyatt – recognizing those colleagues who are truly committed to delivering on Hyatt’s values. Among the few but prestigious awards bestowed, I had the good fortune of naming the recipients of our annual Hyatt Thrive Leadership Awards. Caring for our planet and our neighbors is central to who we are as a company, and I always look forward to recognizing those who go above and beyond.

When I sit down with the panel of judges every year, it’s hard to choose which Hyatt hotels or offices win. So many of my colleagues are finding innovative ways to reduce the impact that their hotels have on the environment and partnering with local organizations to ensure that our local communities thrive. But in the end, we were exceptionally proud of a few stand-outs that demonstrated a high impact, were buoyed by highly engaged teams of associates, and whose long-term focus clearly means that their efforts will pay off for years to come.

In a special celebration for all Hyatt’s award winners, we surprised each recipient with the news in their location. Take a look at their reactions!

Excellence in Environmental Sustainability: Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Grand Hyatt Shanghai earned the Hyatt Thrive Leadership Award for Excellence in Environmental Sustainability based on its continued efforts over the years. The team has a combination of energy and water efficiency capital projects underway and regularly educates associates through training about best practices. For example, security associates receive Energy Saving Awareness training so they can check for wasted energy during their routine patrols of the property. The hotel’s ongoing efforts contributed to LEED certification for the Jin Mao Tower (where the hotel is located), and Grand Hyatt Shanghai is the first hotel in Shanghai to be LEED certified.

Excellence in Community Engagement: Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin adopted a school in a remote area with limited resources to help its students in need. The hotel team provides focused and continuous support to the school through in-kind donations and by conducting monthly Thrive activities at the school, such as teaching English, hygiene, environmental stewardship and art. They regularly donate supplies, food, materials and games to the school. Recently, the school’s students decorated bags in an art class the hotel team taught about the environment, and those bags were then sold to hotel guests to raise funds for the school. Teachers and students have even been invited to stay at hotel for a unique experience. Hotel associates logged more than 1,170 volunteer hours in 2013.

Make sure to check in for next Thrive Thursday to see who take home a win in the “Doing It All” category.

All I can say is ‘thank you’ to my colleagues who continue to inspire me every day. Together, we are making this world and our company an even better place.

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  • Martina Mikulić

    Congratulations for your awards! It is so nice to hear how there are hotels and also firms who take care of enviroment!