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Hyatt Thrive Leadership Awards

May 29, 2014
Hyatt Thrive

Thrive Thursday: Shining a Light on Hyatt Thrive Leadership Award Winners

This week, we’re continuing to shine a light on the incredible hotel teams that have earned prestigious Hyatt Thrive Leadership Awards for their commitment to the planet and their communities. You’ve already heard my perspective about what makes our winners in the distinct environmental sustainability and community engagement categories so incredible, so today is the big reveal of the final “Doing It All” category!

I already shared how hard it is to come to a decision about which hotels and offices win, but this year it was exceptionally hard. In fact, we had a tie! Both hotel teams were surprised by their regional leadership with the news of their achievements – check out their reactions:

Doing It All: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay has a clear environmental vision, which is to reduce our environmental impact now and in the future while continually providing the best hospitality and guest experience possible. That’s evident in everything they do, from purchasing decisions to energy and water conservation to and community outreach – and the results speak for themselves. Particularly, the hotel significantly reduced water consumption per guest night and its waste far beyond our expectations.

Within the community, the hotel is engaged with several programs. Most notably, the team has had a 16-year partnership with Hands on Education, providing valuable career development to those with special needs, training over 400 students since 1998.  In addition, the hotel has supported the Children Cancer Center through fundraising and volunteerism since 2001. The team committed 550 hours to 18 projects in 2013.

Doing It All: Hyatt Regency Mumbai

Hyatt Regency Mumbai is particularly impressive with the way they mobilize their colleagues to make a difference. They have constant communication about opportunities to conserve within the hotel and give back outside the hotel. They are engaged with multiple community organizations, including the Asima Foundation. Just last month, 145 of their hotel associates donated more than 50 liters of blood in the hotel’s blood drive. They are engaged with multiple community organizations, including the Aseema Foundation, which provides a nurturing and educational environment for vulnerable children. The hotel partners with Aseema to provide unique experiences for the students and even awarded the organization with a Hyatt Community Grant.

The team here also boosts a comprehensive environmental sustainability program that includes efficiency upgrades, coupled with a wide range of creative efforts around associate engagement – a particularly important piece in a region where environmental awareness is not commonplace. Employees learn about “Switch Your Thinking” with creative back of house posters and campaigns and through plant sales on Earth Day. Guests and the community can see the hotel’s commitment when the hotel’s hybrid vehicles drive by.

Congratulations to all my colleagues who’ve earned one of the few Hyatt awards. It’s your efforts that drive Hyatt’s success in our efforts to be good citizens of our world.

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