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February 27, 2014
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Top 5 Tech Must-Haves for Travel

As a part of the ongoing Hyatt Place Seamless Travel Series, we’ve been hearing from travelers about what they want to know to make their travel experiences easier. And since easier and technology often can go hand-in-hand, we’re excited to have Scott Steinberg, today’s number one technology expert (according to Google), on board as Seamless Travel Series’ Tech-spert.

Scott’s here to untangle all the cords and help you through app overload by making sure you’re in the know on the latest travel tech tips and gadgets. With so many tech gadgets out there — how do you know which ones to choose? Some help you organize your home while others help you be more efficient at work. What are the must-have gadgets for travel?

Scott has done the groundwork for you by pulling together a guide of the 2014 travel gadgets you can’t live without coming from CES and beyond. Check them out and let us know which travel gadgets you have on your wish list!

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Scott’s Top 2014 Travel Gadgets

  • Mophie Space Pack: Always running out of juice on the road? Save yourself from battling other travelers for power outlets with this combination battery life extender case and portable storage solution. It extends your battery life AND offers more storage!
  • Airtame: Whether working on a presentation for work or catching up on your favorite TV shows – sometimes you just want a big screen over your tiny laptop. Plug this device into your monitor or TV and you can wirelessly stream your screen onto the TV!
  • Polaroid Socialmatic: Love sharing your photos with friends? This digital touchscreen camera will revolutionize the way you share photos throughout your trip. You can not only upload your photos instantly to your social channels, but you can also print your photos immediately after taking them!  
  • Pebble Steel: Add some style to your wrist with this app-powered “smart watch” – a mini-computer for your wrist styled after classic men’s watches. It’s the high-tech way to keep the time and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations.
  • Jaybird Reign: Need a little motivation for working out? Use this fitness tracker that monitors your physical activity, health and even suggests when to step it up or dial back on activity – to keep you motivated whether you’re at home or on the go.

The Seamless Travel Series is fueled by your interest and continues to spark conversation. If you have an idea for one of our experts to feature, leave a comment in the section below! Plus, you can find more experts and tips at the Hyatt Place Facebook page.

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