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April 14, 2014
Art & Design

Tying the Community Together Through Art at Grand Hyatt San Francisco

If you know San Francisco, you know the locals are true “locavores.” And the team at Grand Hyatt San Francisco is no exception! They are committed to showing guests all the best of the City by the Bay. Most recently, art has taken center stage at the hotel, and the focus of course is local, local, local!

To provide guests with a new perspective on the vibrant city, Grand Hyatt San Francisco teamed up with the Mission’s Luna Rienne Gallery to commission seven large-scale art installations to serve as permanent fixtures on the hotel walls. These installations – found throughout the hotel in the lobby, OneUP and the 36th Floor meeting space – were created by seven celebrated local artists and longtime residents of San Francisco: David Choong Lee, Mario Martinez, Damon Soule, Erik Otto, Ursula Young, and Reuben Rude.

Made from a variety of mediums, all installations feature surreal imagery, lively colors, shapes, and swirls – with each representing how each individual artist sees their city. Check out this behind-the-scenes documentary produced by Luna Rienne that gives further background on these awe-inspiring pieces of art and the stories behind them:

This emphasis on unique and locally-focused art offers residents and visitors to San Francisco with an impressive taste of life in the city. Guests love these larger-than-life installations (all of which are the artists’ largest pieces of works to date!) as a special bonus of their stays, and locals enjoy a brief stop post-shopping in Union Square to grab a glass of wine and a glimpse of art from some of the city’s best and brightest. These installations are just another way we help define the saying, “Only in SF!”

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